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by Marshall F. Gilula, M.D.

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Please check out our links to other helpful information on Nonlocal Healing and related fields. We believe that healing is mainly a noncognitive thing. Talking about or writing about healing often just obscure the real phenomenon. Big words really muddy the water.Still, it doesn't hurt to know how many times we fail in trying describe healing. Please write us with any good websites or other links you have that might help to clear things up. 2872

Miami-based Dr. Gilula enjoys his twice-daily neighborhood runs with his German Shepherd custodian, TRUX.

HEARTMATH INSTITUTE A combination of leading edge science, practical information, and easy to use techniques and skills for achieving health, high performance, and personal growth. HeartMath LLC is a cutting edge performance company providing a range of unique services, products, and technology to boost performance, productivity, health and well-being while dramatically reducing stress. Founded in 1991 as a non-profit research organization by Doc Lou Childre, HeartMath has earned global recognition for  unique research-based techniques and proprietary technology to transform the stress of change and uncertainty, and bring coherence and renewed energy to the workplace, and the home.

ISSSEEM - Int'l Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Non-profit interdisciplinary organization for the study of the basic sciences and medical and therapeutic applications of subtle energies.

EMERGENT MIND Mapping the frontiers of consciousness. Key papers, discussions and research leads focusing on holographic models of mind and mind-body interactions, with particular interest in nonlocal healing. Includes great archive of related references by names in the field.

JOURNAL OF NONLOCAL AND REMOTE MENTAL INTERACTIONS The JNLRMI is a free online journal offering its readers a forum for the scientific investigation of our human potential. Based on current research in physics, parapsychology and complementary medicine, and drawing on the discipline of meditative arts such as qigong, the discussion will revolve around the nature of space-time, causality, and individual selves; focused intentionality as a tool for shaping personal and social reality; the cultivation of mental energy and "psi" abilities; and the creation of global resonance to ensure a peaceful, meaningful and humane future for our planet.

The function of the JNLRMI is to:

1. create a network of physicists, biologists, physicians, healers and consciousness researchers to identify the frontiers of our theoretical understanding of nonlocal mental interactions
2. develop concrete proposals with respect to the possible mechanisms and dynamics of nonlocal communication
3. pool our experimental expertise and equipment in order to design and carry out innovative protocols based on these proposals
4. promote this area of research to the scientific mainstream
5. establish contacts with potential sponsors for future experimental studies.

Favorite Sites
CYBERDOC TV CYBERDOCtv promises to be a unique recreational and educational experience. Webstreaming, blogging, music, patient safety, and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) will interwoven with a science fiction storyline that, strangely enough, resembles the present.

BIOPHYSICS - Iona Miller Iona Miller's Biophysics pages.

Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences The Society is an international forum bringing together researchers, theoreticians, and practitioners from over 30 countries who share interests in applying dynamical systems theory, far-from-equilibrium thermodynamics, self-organization, neural nets, fractals cellular automata, and related forms of chaos, catastrophes, bifurcations, nonlinear dynamics, and complexity theories to psychology and the life sciences.

Life Energies Research Institute German Shepherds, research into life energies, and custom-made psychoactive meditation music plus shots of the recording studio.

CENTERPOINTE Reprogram your brain with HOLOSYNCH resonance brainwave drivers. Incorporate virtual audio for a unique frequency following function or binaural beat phenomena. Put your brain in Alpha or Theta at will.

HOLOS UNIVERSITY Certification, Masters and Doctorate programs include MEDICAL INTUITION, SPIRITUAL DIRECTION, TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY, COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE HEALING. The Seminary offers a distance learning program with selected residency requirements. Courses and research focus on spiritual and integrative aspects of the field of complementary and holistic mind/body/spirit healing.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. Innovative pain and stress management expert, C. Norm Shealy, M.D. is a pioneer in patient-centered practice. The reknowned Shealy Institute carries this artful work and training forward through Holos University and other programs.

THE JOURNEY TO WILD DIVINE Affordable home biofeedback to restore blance and wholeness. This "inner-active" computer program teaches you to use biofeedback along with breathing and meditation to increase your mental and physical wellness. Build stairways with your breath, open doors with meditation, juggle balls with your laughter. The goal of Journey to Wild Divine is to teach you how to control your body's alertness and relaxation levels. Biofeedback hardware that measures your heart rate and skin conductivity (both stress indicators) is included along with the software. Wander through an idyllic landscape as guides introduce you to meditative exercises. Attempt to master onscreen activities such as juggling and archery by consciously becoming calmer or more alert. Wild Divine is innovative and fun, and even better, it's very effective.

BIOELEKTRONIKA Dr. Leane E. Roffey-Line (1994) "The bioelectronic basis for "healing energies"; charge and field effects as a basis for complementary medical techniques", in M.J. Allen, S. F. Cleary & A.E. Sowers (eds.) Charge and Field Effects in Biosystems -- The paradigm for the application of these [healing]energies may develop into a basis for a variety of existing complementary medical practices. Integral portions of biological systems have been shown to be semiconducting, ferromagnetic and piezoelectric. The biosemiconductor, together with the drift of charges, ions, and radicals, may be considered as a form of "bioplasma". Bioplasma may be subject to magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) control. Title: Cerithous and the Art of Rebecca Bucci. Description: The writings of Cerithous coupled with the spiritual art of Rebecca Bucci. Original reprints of the Cerithous books; an introduction to Cerithous; and artCards.


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