by Marshall F. Gilula, M.D. and Iona Miller



by Marshall F. Gilula, M.D. and Iona Miller

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by Marshall F. Gilula, M.D.

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Series of seven music CDs that can facilitate introduction to the Quantum Healing realm. 

The HEARTSTRINGS PROJECT, a series of seven CDs, is an effort by Dr. Marshall F. Gilula to investigate and facilitate nonlocal or distance healing.


New physics strongly suggests that we are all holistically connected in a shared domain finer than the physical level, which we can call subspace. The biological basis for this field can be found in communication on a cellular basis. The doorway to the quantum level exists in the extracellular fluid between each and every cell in the human body. Studies of the cell membrane and intercellular communication have led us to an understanding that ultimate communication may be carried by packets of light energy, or photons.  By applying healing intentionality,  we can influence the mindbody and energy fields of other individuals, animals, plants, and even an entire planet.


We all share an interest in healing and healing relationships. Healing doesn't only come from outside; we all have internal self-healing potentials. Healing can be mobilized by the seemingly irrational, such as healing rituals or beliefs. The relationship of mindbody and the associated energy fields is complex.

Healing is not necessarily synonymous with cure. Sometimes we heal physically, but not emotionally or spiritually. Sometimes we heal spirit and restore soul, but a physical cure remains elusive. In the past healing has focused on the physical body and mind but not on the human energy field. When body, soul and spirit respond in resonance, holistic integrity is restored. Diagnostic medical devices such as the PET, MRI, fMRI often produce results allowing others to claim demonstration of a human energy field that coexists with the physical body. The human energy field can be studied, even with some of the original Kirlian photographic techniques. Magnetic polarities and spin properties of molecules in the extracellular fluids of the body are described in the peer-reviewed and popular scientific literature. There already is a solidly rational basis for understanding health and degeneration of the human organism as well as how one organism may communicate energetically with another through time and space.  Imbalances and problems show up in the human energy field before they manifest on a physical plane level. Also, many curative and healing processes begin in the human energy field before manifesting any signs in the physical body. This is the rationale for putting scientifically-based energy medicine into practice.

Quantum Biofeedback

A quantum cybernetic biofeedback system, EPFX-QXCI-SCIO, was developed over 25 years ago by Bill Nelson, a noted NASA scientist. It is registered by the U.S. FDA as a biofeedback device and is currently employed for the purpose of stress-reduction by medical and nonmedical practitioners who have been certified as biofeedback therapists or technicians. This technology is considered experimental in the U.S. for any other use, despite being accepted for diagnosis and treatment of disease in the European Union, Russia and many other areas of the world.

Today's nonlocal healing features the optional inclusion of a cybernetic device to the human healing team. The most advanced cybernetic biofeedback devices such as the EPFX-QXCI-SCIO may even transform the traditional healer-patient relationship into a threesome of electromagnetic consciousness. This type of theme has already appeared in scores of science fiction movies and novels. The human-cybernetic interface gently became evident during  work with the EPFX-QXCI-SCIO while doing stress analysis and biofeedback therapy. The cybernetic interface fits naturally into the human-to-human healing relationship.



No one really knows how nonlocal healing works, but the empathic bond is one important aspect. Therapeutic entrainment which is present in the healing situation can be  intentionally amplified by the mind to mobilize the healing process. The unconscious plays a role in such healing, because all the templates used during healing are located  in the holographic records of the human unconscious. It is not possible to differentiate local healing from nonlocal healing. All healing is essentially remote healing, regardless of how much distance is involved between healer and patient. One assumption is that a cybernetic device becomes yet a third focus of consciousness in the healing process traditionally viewed as involving just the consciousness of two people.

From a spiritual point of view, when healing occurs, the process happens at an energy level where all consciousness is one.  So by this definition, the cybernetic device has a form of electromagnetic consciousness which can also manifest at an energy level where all consciousness is one.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information presented on this website and in the book and CD featured on the website are intended for educational and stress-reduction purposes only. Since you are the most important ingredient in your own health, you are ultimately responsible for deciding how you want to live your life, what your nutrition is like, and whether or not you ever exercise your mind or body. Unlike many other health-related websites that sell products, we make absolutely no claims to cure or heal with any of our products. We believe that the power to heal and regenerate lies within the individual and not within the healer. No claims are made for diagnosing, curing or healing any medical condition. Techniques on this site as well as our book and media materials are not meant to be used without the guidance of a physician or other responsible healthcare provider who assumes primary responsbility (along with you) for your healthcare.

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